Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea

What if you could replace that CPAP with a
simple mouthpiece?

Right upfront... We must say it’s not an option for everyone. But it may be an option for you.



Oral appliances are special retainers or night guards, which can effectively relieve the airway obstructions that occur in patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. For the right patient, they are an excellent alternative to CPAP to treat OSAS. Because they are smaller, more mobile, and don’t require wearing a mask and using a machine, they are often used more consistently than CPAP machines allowing patients more effective treatment of their sleep apnea.


However, until recently, determining which patients would actually benefit from oral appliance therapy was, at best, an educated guess. The Sleep Lab at West Houston is the only sleep lab in Houston to offer MATRx: A real-time oral appliance sleep test that will let you know whether or not an oral appliance is an effective treatment option for you.


About the Oral Appliance

Dr. Ludwick uses the SomnoDent® MAS oral device because it is technologically superior to other oral devices. Patients who qualify like it because they can freely open their mouth, speak, and drink with the device securely fitted. Ninety-five percent of patients with proven obstructive sleep apnea stated they would like to continue using their SomnoDent MAS with 83% reporting improvement in sleep quality. Because it’s easy to use, the chances of you using it as prescribed are much better, which means your health will improve and you’ll feel consistently great and awake. See how the Somno Dent MAS works.


What you can expect

Once you and Dr. Ludwick determine an oral appliance may be an effective treatment option for you, you will undergo a MATRx sleep study at our sister company, The Sleep Lab at West Houston, located right next to our office. At the Sleep Lab, our team will conduct a dental titration study, which will objectively measure your response to oral appliance therapy and tell you if OAT is an effective treatment option for you. The measurements used during your MATRx study are directly used to fabricate your custom sleep appliance.


If you are currently using a CPAP treatment and want to explore this as an alternative or would like to understand more about your sleep issues, please call us at (281) 556-1102 or request an appointment online.

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