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Sleep apnea is a common phrase used when you’re really talking about obstructive sleep apnea — which is a phenomenon that occurs when you’re sleeping. When we sleep, our muscles relax, the muscles in our throat relax, so our throat essentially collapses and for some people, it collapses too much to where they are actually either not breathing enough or they stop breathing. And, when you stop breathing, it forces you into action. Your brain will kick in to do something to get your attention — this intervention by your brain increases the muscle tension of your body, which increases muscle tone to your throat, which opens your throat and restores natural breathing. At that point, you’re brain’s happy because you are breathing again! Then, of course, you fall back to sleep, your muscles relax, and then the whole cycle repeats itself over and over again during the night.


Your throat is as unique as you are. No two are alike, and so no one treatment is right for everyone. Dr. Ludwick is dual board-certified in ENT and Sleep Medicine, so he can offer all treatment options depending on whatever is best for you.


The gold standard treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) that all other treatments are measured against. CPAP therapy is titrated in real-time, while you sleep, ensuring complete resolution of all obstructive events and oxygen desaturations.


Additional treatment options include oral appliances, minimally-invasive surgical correction, and education.


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