Good treatment outcomes start with making the proper diagnosis of the causes) of your symptoms.  Office based nasal endoscopy is paramount to achieving that goal.  And understanding your diagnosis key to allowing patients to make the best treatment decisions.  This is why Dr. Ludwick photo documents every patient's nasal endoscopy examination and reviews the photos with his patients.  This truly allows patients to understand their pathology and how the recommended treatment options may help improve their symptoms.

After treatment, nasal endoscopy plays a vital role in following your treatment progress.  For example, sinuses surgically opened can now be visualized by nasal endoscopy without relying on radiographic examinations.


Endoscopic view of the left nasal cavity

Note the large pale polyp filling the left nasal cavity causing severe congestion and loss of smell


Endoscopic view of the Left Sinus cavities after sinus surgery

Note the excellent health of the sinus mucosa!

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