Most of our sinonasal procedures can be performed in our office while awake saving our patients thousands of dollars in facility and anesthesia fees.  Because Dr. Ludwick uses the same surgical techniques and methods performed in the operating room, our patients achieve the same excellent results without exposing themselves to the powerful sedating medications and intubation utilized in the operating room.  Therefore, our patients are spared the hang-over effects and sore throats associated with general anesthesia and intubation.

Believe it or not, office based sinonasal procedures are not a painful experience.  Topical numbing agents placed in the nasal cavity prior to anesthetic injection or nasal instrumentation relieve most of the sensation associated with the numbing process.  Some patients are anxious about having an awake office-based sinonasal procedure because it is a novel experience and idea for them.  However, because Dr. Ludwick has performed thousands of these procedures, patients quickly relax once they realize it is a smooth, painless process.

Watch Dr. Ludwick perform an awake, office-based sinonasal procedure

Watch as Dr. Ludwick utilizes traditional sinus surgery techniques with balloon sinuplasty to help resolve this patient's sinusitis.  Sometimes, septal deviations block surgical access to a sinus.  A septoplasty was performed to allow access to the right frontal sinus.  This was all accomplished in the office setting with only local anesthesia!

Dr. Ludwick discusses the difference between facility and office based sinonasal procedures
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