The nasal septum is the cartilaginous and boney wall that separates your nasal cavity into, ideally, equally sized rooms, a left and right nasal cavity.  When the septum is deformed or deviated, it can obstruct or impede the flow of air through the nose.

A septoplasty procedure removes and/or reshapes these deformities to alleviate airflow obstruction caused by the deviated septum.  Most septal deformities can be corrected by working through a small incision and utilizing endoscopes for visualization.  Most patients are surprised with how little discomfort they experience during the healing process.  Septoplasty performed with this technique does not cause any facial bruising or swelling.  Dr. Ludwick does not put “splints” or “packing” in the nose after the procedure.  Complete healing takes approximately 6 weeks, but you can resume most of your usual activities the following day after the procedure.


Endoscopic view of Right nasal cavity.  Septal deformity obstructing 70% of the right nasal cavity.


Endoscopic view of Right nasal cavity after In-Office Septoplasty.

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