Septoplasty is surgery to correct the crooked areas of the nasal septum. The nasal septum is that wall inside your nose that separates the left side from the right. It’s made up of bone and cartilage. For optimal breathing, your septum should be centered and straight.

Something like trauma (punch in the nose or accident) or abnormal growth can cause your septum to be crooked (deviated) or malformed. When the deformity is so great that it blocks the nasal passage, then a procedure called Septoplasty can be performed to reposition the septum. Most septoplasty procedures can be performed by Dr. Ludwick in their offices. Diagnosis is made by a simple nasal endoscopy exam.

If you’re feeling congested or having a difficult time breathing through your nose, please call our office today and schedule an appointment. We want you to feel better now!

Sinus Surgery

We have three main paired large sinuses:




Between our eyes, we have many irregularly shaped smaller sinuses called the ethmoid sinuses. When healthy, sinus cavities are lined with a thin layer of special skin, called mucosa.

There are many reasons a patient may need sinus surgery, the most common being recurrent sinus infections and chronic sinusitis. In these cases, sinus surgery is used to help remove diseased tissues, clear infection and restore sinus ventilation.

But sinus surgery is also indicated for nasal polyps, fungus balls, tumors, Grave’s Disease, and nose bleeds recalcitrant to nasal packing.

While the majority of sinus surgery is performed endoscopically, there are a variety of complimentary procedures that can be used in special circumstances.

Dr. Ludwick is very experienced in the latest sinus surgery skills and techniques. He customizes each patient’s surgical technique and approach to maximize his patient’s chance for cure with minimal post-operative discomfort.


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