Home vs. In-Lab Monitored Sleep Study

While home sleep studies are now more widely accepted, sleep experts agree that Polysomnography (in-lab, monitored sleep study) is the gold standard. There are certain devices that can be used at home. The question is whether or not you want to base a life-long diagnosis on an estimate of what is happening versus having your results (and the equipment) closely monitored by a trained technician while you sleep. After all, your diagnosis and treatment options are based on the information obtained during the sleep study.


During a home sleep study, you typically sleep one to three nights with the equipment, and then the data is “interpreted” by a physician. In reality, there is no interpretation of the data by a physician because the machine only produces numbers. There are no electrode tracings to review as in a real, monitored, in-lab sleep study.


With an in-lab sleep study, the sleep technician will:

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